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Alex Crawford Private Basketball Trainer

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Alex Crawford Basketball Vision

Mission Statement

“Mission is to teach and develop players of all ages the opportunity to learn and master the fundamental skills of basketball, while implementing life-lessons and values which include good moral character, confidence, work ethic, accountability, discipline, consistency, and sportsmanship.”

Since I was able to walk, I have been around the game of basketball. Grew up playing organized youth basketball starting at the age of five years old. My Grandfather James Rowe was my biggest influence growing up. He was the one to introduce me to the game at an early age. He was one of the Co-Founders of a competitive youth basketball league called The Hamilton Little Lads in Hamilton, New Jersey for over 30 years until he passed away In the spring of 2008. He was so valuable in my upbringing because it was not for his influence, passion for young people, love for his community, and his understanding of how important team-oriented sports are to a young person’s development… I would not be doing what I do today. He made sure he poured the love of the game, love for young people, and mentorship into me.

I was born in Trenton, NJ. Raised in Hamilton and Plainsboro, NJ. I played High School ball at West Windsor-Plainsboro North in Plainsboro, NJ from 2003-2007. I was a 3-year varsity player. Was a varsity starter my junior and senior of high school. Spring of 2007, I earned an athletic scholarship at Division 2 junior college called Burlington County College in Pemberton, NJ. Unfortunately, my college career ended before it even started. By the end of my first fall semester at the college, nine teammates and I left the team because of the head coach that was there at the time. With no guidance or resources, it took me 2 years to find my way.

By 2010, I was able to get back into college and attended a Historical Black College called Livingstone College in Salisbury, NC. While continuing to be optimistic and staying in good collegiate conditioning shape for two years and eager for an opportunity, the goal was to try out for the team spring semester of 2011 and earn an athletic scholarship. However, after injuring my left outer meniscus for the second time within 3 years, that injury set me back. I got surgery on my knee the summer going into my sophomore year at Livingstone. My knee wasn’t even close to being healthy to make an attempt to try out with the team to show and earn my value during the fall semester. I was 23 years old, in financial debt, and in need of finding ways to pay for college. I decided to hang up my goals and dreams of becoming a professional ballplayer overseas and channeled my energy and effort towards my academics. I was awarded several scholarships and grants for my academic excellence in the classroom. Graduated college with honors and earned a Criminal Justice degree during the spring of 2014. I worked so hard to attain a degree to realize that I wasn’t happy or passionate in the field of study I chose.

December of 2015, I decided to move down to Tampa, FL to strive to become a private basketball trainer, coach and teach youth basketball. In January of 2017, I gained my first client as a private basketball trainer. Summer of 2017, I became the Head Junior Varsity Coach and the Assistant Varsity Coach at Hillsborough High School. From 2018 to the present day, I assist Chris Ward, the Co-Founder of a non-profit organization called The Skills Center Elite in Tampa, FL. At The Skills Center, I assist with private basketball training, group clinics, and camps throughout the year. In addition, any of The Skills Center Elite AAU coaches that need assistance with skill development, I help with that as well. In 2019, I have had the opportunity to do skill development for WNBA legend Tamika Catchings camp as well as SEBA showcase for high school players looking for opportunities to potentially play at the college level.

Life is about the opportunity. Not many people get a fair shot, a second chance, several opportunities to pursue and attain their goals. But when life gives you lemons… make lemonade! I have always been considered an underdog. I have been overlooked. Always have had to prove my worth and show my greatness that was inside of me. Everything I have accomplished has been earned, not given. I’m looking for those types of players that are looking for a coach like myself that understands them as a person and not just a statistic. I’m here to develop each individual player holistically and striving to make them into the best versions of themselves on and off the court. Having a high basketball I.Q, being a true student of the game, and love for young people to succeed is a great combination for a player’s success! Let’s build together!

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