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COVID-19: Our number one priority is the health and safety of our trainers, customers and partners.

COVID-19 Waiver

Please fill out this form and submit it for training with Basketball Vision “BBV”. Thank you for your support and cooperation. Stay Safe & Stay Healthy.

1. Trainer is not liable or responsible for client if he/she gets injured during a session.

2. Client must notify Trainer an hour in advance if they need to cancel scheduled session for that day. If notified 45 minutes or less prior to scheduled session, client is still responsible to make payment for scheduled session. Unless it was a immediate death in the family, car accident, and/or client was rushed to emergency room, a scheduled session payment will not be waved.

3. When a client is a “no call no show” during a scheduled session, client is still obligated to pay for training session.

4. When a client is running late, they must notify Trainer 15 minutes prior to scheduled session. Time missed because of tardiness will not be added on the back end of the session. Example: for an hour session, if client is 15 minutes late, client only has 45 minutes available in the session.

5. Clients must bring water and/or Gatorade to replenish body during each session. Trainer is not obligated to provide drinks for players.

6. During inclement weather conditions at outdoor parks or outdoor facilities, if bad weather occurs before scheduled session or 15 minutes of a training session, session will be postponed or rescheduled to another day and time under the discretion of the Trainer and client.

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